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Papers By Author

Afshar, Shah
·  Ministry to Persian Jews and Gentiles 1992 pdf

Alexiev, Stanislav
·  Jewish evangelism in Bulgaria 2007 doc

Arthur, Frank
·  Stories from Russia 2007 doc

Aweida, Samuel
·  The Jewish Messiah – the Savior of the World 2003 doc

Banashak, Galen

·  Book Review: John Hagee's Should Christians Support Israel? 1990 pdf

Bartelt, Andrew

·  Isaiah 53 in Ancient and Modern Jewish Interpretation 2003 doc

Bennett, Dr. David
·  Unraveling the Mystery of History 2008 doc
·  Unity and Diversity in the Body of Christ 2008 doc

Birdsall, Doug
·  Jesus told among the nations 2007 doc
·  The sower and the seeds 2007 doc

Bjoraker, William
·  Prelimanary Study to Determine the Feasibility of Church Planting Among the Israeli Jewish Migrants of the San Fernando Valley 1990 pdf
·  Book Review: Raphael Patai's The Jewish Mind 1993 pdf
·  Martin Luther and the Jewish People: Lessons for Jewish Ministry Today 1995 pdf
·  Evangelical Outreach to Israeli Jewish Emigres in North America as of 2001 2001 pdf
·  Theology of the Land in Light of the Current Peace Process 1996 pdf

Bock, Darrell L.
·  Jesus from the earth up 2007 doc

Bodaiji, Mari
·  My Testimony and Love Israel Ministries 1992 pdf

Bond, Lyn Rosen
·  The Life and Times of Alfred Edersheim 1991 pdf

Bottomley, Reverend Philip
·  Replacement Theology 1989 pdf

Brickner, David

·  Networking for Jewish evangelism - is there a future for LCJE? 2007 doc

Brown, Michael L.
·  Is a Postmissionary, Truly Messianic Judaism Possible? 2007 doc

Butterworth, Alan
·  Daniel Landsmann - The First LCMS Missionary to the Jewish People (Powerpoint Presentation - download free Powerpoint Viewer)

Citelli, Rev. Peter
·  Abandonando a Yeshúa para abrazar el Judaísmo Rabínico 2002 (Spanish) doc
·  Abandonando a Yeshúa para abrazar el Judaísmo Rabínico, Apéndice 1 2002 (Spanish) doc

Cohen, Steve
·  A Perspective of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod's Involvement with Jewish Missions in North America 2000 pdf
·  Brilliant reflections on key facets of Romans 10:1 2007 doc

Congdon, Jim
·  Believers’ relation to the Law: not obligation, but fulfillment 2007 doc

Congregation Shema Israel
·  The Prayers Of Our Synagogue 2007 doc

Currie, William
·  A Jewish Mission's Response to Messianic Judaism 1985 pdf

Dauermann, Stuart
·  Apostolic Guidelines for Christians in Dialogue with Jewish Leaders in an Age of Religious Pluralism 1992 pdf
· Remember Jesus : The Son of David 2010 pdf

De Ridder, Richard R
·  I'll Keep Both: A Response to Samuel Levine, You Take Jesus, I'll Take God 1986 pdf
·  How does One's Theological Position Affect One's Attitude Toward Jewish Evangelism
1985 pdf

Downing, Amy
·  What is the Missing Component? 2010 pdf

Estep, Dr Jack
·  What is Being Done (Questionnaire) 1989 pdf

Faulstich, E. W.

·  Can Anything Good Come From Bible Chronology? 1993 pdf

Fischer, Dr. John
·  Foundations of Messianic Jewish Theology: Following in Yeshua's Steps? 1994 pdf
·  The Place of Rabbinic Tradition in a Messianic Jewish Lifestyle 1990 pdf
·  Yeshua and Halakah: Which Direction? 2000 pdf

Frantsen, Kearney
·  The Role of a Gentile Employed in a Jewish Mission 1986 pdf
·  The Zion Society for Israel, 1878-1990 1990 pdf

Fruchtenbaum, Dr. Arnold G
·  Jewish Believers are Obliged to Keep the Sabbath: No 1986 pdf
·  Ariel's Camp Shoshanah 1986 pdf
·  Various Views on Romans 9:11 1990 pdf
·  Replacement Theology 1993 pdf
·  Jewish views of Jesus from the emancipation until the present 2007 doc

Fruchtenbaum, Mary Ann
·  A Gentile Spouse in Jewish Ministries 1989 pdf
·  Post-talk Discussion (transcript) 1989 pdf

Fuchs, Dr Daniel
·  A Profile on Jewish Missions in the U.S.A. 1988 pdf

Gannon, Dr Raymond
·  A Review of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's book, What Christians Should Know About Jews and Judaism 1987 pdf

Gilman, Alan
·  A Profile of Jewish Evangelism in Canada 1987 pdf

Glaser, Mitchell
·  Critique of the Two Covenant Theory 1988 pdf
·  A Survey of the History of Missions to Jews in New York City 1994 pdf
·  Jewish Missions in Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia 1900-1950 1998 pdf
·  Evangelism Among Russian Jews in the United States 2000 pdf
·  Isaiah 53 in 20th Century Jewish Evangelism 2003 doc
·  Towards a New Model for Jewish Evangelism in the 21st Century 2006 doc
·  To whom are we telling the story? 2007 doc
·  Heroes of the Holocaust: Poland, The Warsaw Ghetto and Yeshua 2012 pdf

Glasser, Dr. Arthur
·  Ten Key Books for your Library 1989 pdf
·  Israel's Understanding of "Conversion" (From the Exodus to the Present) 1992 pdf
·  The Puritans and the LCJE 1993 pdf
·  Paul - Romans 7 - Jewish Evangelism 1995 pdf
·  Spiritual Obstacles in Jewish Evangelism 1996 pdf
·  Let's Get Biblical! 1997 pdf
·  New Approaches to Old Problems? 2000 pdf

Gliebe, Rabbi Kirk
·  Children's Outreach: Past, Present & Future 2001 pdf
·  Jewish Children and Messianic Jewish Identity 2002 doc
·  Jewish Youth at Risk 2003 doc
·  Practical Outreach Suggestions for Postmodern Jewish Outreach 2005 doc
·  The Benefits of an Identifiable Messianic Jewish Community 2008 doc

Goldberg, Claire
·  A Survey of Messianic Literature for Children 1988 pdf

Goldberg, Dr. Louis
·  Theological Perspectives and Jewish Evangelism 1985 pdf
·  Review: Israelology: The Missing Link in Systematic Theology (Ph.D. Dissertation of Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum) 1988 pdf
·  Review of Marvin L. Wilson's Our Father Abraham 1990 pdf
·  A Major Watershed of thought Regarding Jewish People and Mesiannic Jews at the End of the Second Temple Period 1993 pdf
·  Matthew, the Mishnah, and Other Sources 1994 pdf
·  The Torah - When is it Authoritative and When is it Not 1995 pdf
·  Recontextualizing the Doctrine of the Trinity as Formulated by the Council of Nicea 1996 pdf
·  The Sin Nature and Yeser Ha Ra: Are they the Same or Different? 2000 pdf

Gruber, Daniel
·  Whatever Happened to the Kingdom of God? 2002 doc

Harley, David

·  Report From Elizabeth Hill 1987 pdf

Harvey, Richard
·  The “hidden Messiah” in Judaism 2007 doc

Heitmann, Rolf G.
·  Jewish Mission to Hungary 2007 doc

Hernández, Rabino Manuel G.
·  Historia del Judaísmo Mesiánico 2002 (Spanish) doc

Hilsden, Wayne
·  The tenants in the vineyard 2007 doc

Hirsch, Lawrence
·  Outreach to the “forgotten Jews” of Far East Russia 2007 doc

Hvalvik, Reidar
·  The image of Jesus in Christian art 2007 doc

Ice, Thomas D.
·  Dominion Theology, Israel, and Jewish Evangelism 1989 pdf

Jacobs, Loren
·  An Evangelistic Strategy for a Small Mission and Congregation 1993 pdf

Johnson, Dr. Boaz
·  Rabbinic Intertextuality and the Post-Modern Jew 1998 pdf
·  Postmoderm Mysticism and Merkabah Mysticism: Implications for Postmodern Evangelism 2000 pdf

Joseph, Karol
·  My Life in Jewish Evangelism Training 2004 doc

Katz, Arthur
·  Perceiving Israel's Crisis: How Should Jewish Believers Address the Palestinian Issue? 1993 pdf
·  The Holocaust as Judgment: A Suggestion for an Interpretation of Catastrophe as a Witness to Jews Prior to an Including a Final Time of Calamity 1995 pdf

Kjaer-Hansen, Kai
·  International LCJE Report and Plans for Holland 1991 1991 pdf
·  An Encounter Between Rabinowitz and Lichtenstein: Key Issues for Us Today 1991 pdf
·  An Introduction to the Names: Yehoshua/Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus and Yeshu 1992 pdf
·  LCJE International Report 1992 pdf
·  Jewish Evangelism in Post-Holocaust Europe 1994 pdf
·  The Problem of the Two-Covenant Theology 1994 pdf
·  LCJE International Report 1994 pdf
·  International LCJE Report 1995 1995 pdf
·  Names Used About Jewish Believers - Then, in Acts, and Now 1995 pdf
·  The Acts of the Apostles - The Acts of the Holy Spirit 1996 pdf
·  International LCJE Report 1996 pdf
·  International LCJE Report 1997 pdf
·  Jews in Mission: An Introduction the the (New) Jewish Universalists 1997 pdf
·  International LCJE Report 1999 pdf
·  Upside-down for the Sake of Yeshua: Challenges and Pressures on Israeli Believers in Jesus 2000 pdf
·  Evangelizing with Yechiel Lichtenstein in 19th Century Eastern Europe 2002 doc
·  International LCJE Report 2002 doc
·  Missionaries and Death in the 19th Century 2003 doc
·  “They Crucified Him”
    Comments on ‘The Passion’, The New Testament and anti-Semitism 2004 doc
·  International LCJE report 2005 doc
·  Bible Work and Bible Men in Jerusalem Around the Year 1820 2006 doc
·  From Budapest to Lake Balaton 2007 doc
·  The conference on Jewish evangelism in Budapest 1927 2007 doc
·  Isaac Feinstein – a martyr for Christ in Romania 2007 doc
·  Yechiel Zwi Herschensohn/Lichtenstein – “der Alte” and the stranger 2007 doc
·  Isaac Lichtenstein – a Jesus-believing Hungarian rabbi 2007 doc
·  Pollak/Lucky– a lawobserving Jesus-believing Jew from Galicia 2007 doc
·  With Hans Walter Hirschberg and Arthur Goldschmidt in Theresienstadt 2007 doc
·  What do we stand for? - A look at LCJE Statements 1980-2005 2007 doc
· International LCJE Report 2010 2010 pdf
· The Scandal of Jewish Evangelism 2010 pdf

Klayman, Elliot
·  The Uniqueness of Rachmiel Frydland and his Impact Upon Jewish Outreach 1992 pdf

Kleppe, Johannes
·  Building bridges 2007 doc

Klett, Rev. Fred
·  A Ministry to Jewish Students 1987 pdf
·  JOPPA, the "Jewish Outreach Partnership in the Philadelphia Area" 1991 pdf
·  Nurturing the Natural Branches 2000 pdf
·  Thoughts on Discipleship Introducing the CHAIM Discipleship Guide 2000 pdf
·  The Centrality of Messiah and the Theological Direction of the Messianic Movement 2002 doc

Klingensmith, Charles
·  Stories from Japan 2007 doc

Koelner, Yosef
·  LCJE Latin American Report 2001 pdf

Kohut, Milton
·  For the Jewish Believer: Mainline or Messianic, Is There a Choice? 1994 pdf

Kolb, Erwin J
·  Ethics for Missionaries 1987 pdf
·  Involving the Congregation in Jewish Evangelism 1989 pdf

Kozma, Ferenc
·  The Jewish community in Hungary today 2007 doc

Kron, Justin
·  Engaging the Emerging Jewish Generations 2001 pdf

Lapides, Louis S
·  The "Christian Identity" Movement in America 1989 pdf
·  Discussion and Resolution (Addendum) 1989 pdf

Lebhar, Marcia
·  Jewish Evangelism from a Denominational Base 2000 pdf

Leman, Derek
·  Raising Up Workers for the Harvest From Amongst Generation X 2000 pdf
·  Paul Didn't Eat Pork: Reappraising Paul the Pharisee 2005 doc
·  Judaism and New Testament Faith:
Evaluating Mark Kinzer’s Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism
2006 doc

Leventhal, Barry R
·  Counselling for the Emotional Problems of Jewish Believers 1988 pdf
·  Holocaust Revisionism and Rabbinic Revisionism: The Blind Attacking the Blind 2000 pdf

Links, Herbert
·  "Ethics in Jewish Evangelism" The Basis in Relationships to Other Jewish Missions 1985 pdf
·  A History of Missions to the Jews in Philadelphia 1997 pdf

Loden, David
·  All I knew was that I had found the Lord 2007 doc

Loden, Lisa
·  Reconciliation - against the wall in Israel/Palestine 2007 2007 doc

Maiman, Milton
·  A Case Study of the Hebrew Messianic Christian Fellowship (Jewish Evangelism in a Small Town) 1987 pdf

Maoz, Baruch
·  Zionism and Evangelism 2006 doc

Meecha, Dr. Don
·  Messianic Congregations, Building a Mission Community 2004 doc

Melnick, Jim
·  New Resources in Russian Jewish Ministry and a Survey of what is Happening in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independant States and its Possible Impact on Jewish History 1993 pdf
·  The Struggle within Chabad Lubavitch: Views on King Messiah and Isaiah 53 2003 doc
·  Jewish evangelism today in the Former Soviet Union 2007 doc

Mendelsohn, Bob

·  Stories from Australia 2007 doc

Meyer, Stan
·  The bible's Missing Page: An Examination of the Views and Beliefs of Benjamin Disraeli 2001 pdf

Moore, Mike
·  The impact of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on the story about Jesus 2007 doc

Morse, Henry
·  A Perspective on the Arab-Israeli Conflict 2008 doc

Muller, Daniel Richard
·  The Eschatological Purpose of Jewish Evangelism 2012 pdf

Nessim, Daniel

·  The History of Jewish Missions in Canada 2004 doc

Neumann, Mikel
·  Reaching the Unreached in Urban Centers 2005 pdf

Newell, Theresa

·  God called me to identify with his own dear Jewish people 2007 doc
· Bonhoeffer and the Jews 2012 pdf

Nichol, Richard C
·  The Messianic Jewish Congregation - A UMJC Perspective 1985 pdf
·  Resolved: Jewish Christians are Obliged to Observe the Sabbath 1986 pdf

Obrist, Hanspeter
·  My concern is to build bridges 2007 doc

Pikman, Vladimir
·  Jewish evangelism among Russian Jews in Germany 2007 doc
·  Keeping the Law: freedom or obligation 2007 doc

Perlman, Susan
·  Update on Media Coverage 1986 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1987 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1988 pdf
·  "Messianic" Lawsuits 1988 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1991 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1992 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1993 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1994 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1995 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1997 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1998 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 1999 pdf
·  Update on Media Coverage 2000 pdf
·  The spirit of Lausanne 2007 doc
·  Jewish evangelism through the eyes of the media 2007 doc
·  Media Update 2008 doc

Raudales, Rosina
·  La Intercesion en el plan de compartir las Buenas nuevas 2002 (Spanish) doc

Rempp, Jean-Paul
·  Stories from France 2007 doc

Resnik, Russell
·  The Ancient Conversation: Engaging Postmodern Jews in Scripture Study 2000 pdf

Rich, Larry
·  The Role of a Gentile Employed by a Jewish Congregation 1987 pdf

Riska, Magnus
·  Jewish Evangelism in my Area – Main Obstacles and my Joy 2003 doc

Robinson, Rich
·  The World View of the Mishnah and the World View of the Bible 1991 pdf
·  Paul and his Jewishness: Recent Books on Paul, Judaism and the Torah 1992 pdf
·  Using Commercial Online Services and the Internet for Evangelism and Networking 1995 pdf
·  In Search of Hermann Warszawiak: The Tragedy of Hermann Warszawiak, Part II 2004 doc
·  Outside Influences on Judaism: What is Authentically Jewish? 2008 doc

Rood, Judith
·  As a Jew I could never become a follower of Christ 2007 doc

Rosen, Moishe
·  An Ethical Basis of Witness to the Jewish Community: A Compendium of Thought 1985 pdf
·  How to Recruit New Donors and How to Maintain Donor Relations 1989 pdf
·  Post-talk Discussion (transcript) 1989 pdf
·  Reflections On Missionary Training 2004 doc
·  Jewish Missions Then And Now 2005 doc

Rubin, Barry
·  ABMJ/Chosen People Ministries Summer Training and Evangelism Program (S.T.E.P.) 1986 pdf
·  Jewish Missions and Messianic Jewish Congregations: A Match Made in Heaven 2002 doc

Runge, Albert

·  My Perspective on Jewish Evangelism 2004 doc
·  My discovery of six power principles 2007 doc

Rydelnik, Michael
·  Reaching Intermarried Couples: A Marketing Plan for Messianic Congregations 1995 pdf
·  Sharpening the Focus of Jewish Evangelism 1996 pdf
·  Text-Critical Perspectives on Messianic Prophecy 1997 pdf

Sandler, Abraham
· George Gruen : A Father of the Messianic Movement 2010 pdf

Schiffman, Dr. Michael
·  A Study of Messianic Congregations and Liturgy 1990 pdf
·  A Survey and Analysis of Jewish Believers Attending Churches 1992 pdf

Schwarcz, Roy
·  Church Planting 1989 pdf
·  How Much Liturgy Should a Messianic Group Use 1990 pdf
·  Jewish Outreach Through the Local Church 1996 pdf

Sedaca, David
·  Latin American Report 2004 doc
·  The prodigal son 2007 doc

Seif, Jeffrey L.
·  Somebody in the Body - Jewish Ministries and Christian Body Life 2007 doc

Sered, Dan
·  Jewish evangelism in Israel 2007 doc

Skarsaune, Oskar
·  Jesus and the Jewish People according to Luke, Matthew and Justin 2003 doc

Sekulow, Jay
·  Legal Issues and Decisions Affecting Jewish Ministries and the Messianic Movement 1991 pdf

Sevener, Harold C
·  The Christian Embassy: A Viewpoint of a Jewish Mission 1985 pdf

Shore, Alan
·  Jewish Believers and the Religious Right 1996 pdf

Sibley, Jim
·  Christian Zionism and Israeli Congregations 1993 pdf
·  The Southern Baptist Convention and Jewish Evangelism 1997 pdf
·  Doing Jewish Evangelism from a Denominational Base 2000 pdf
·  Obstacles to Jewish evangelism 2007 doc
·  “For Zion’s Sake”: The Palestine Mission of Parsons and Fisk 2008 doc

Sigal, Gerald
·  An Analysis of the Jew and the Christian Missionary: A Jewish Response to Missionary Christianity 1981 pdf

Skjott, Bodil
·  Israel Update 2000 pdf
·  Oral Learners and Jewish Evangelism 2005 doc
·  The wedding feast 2007 doc

Sofaer, Joshua
·  Reaching Sephardic Jews in North America 1999 pdf

Solomon, Bob
·  Jewish Evangelism in the South 1991 pdf

Sparks, Andrew D.

·  Modern Messianic Identity and Practice 2002 doc

Taber, Wes
·  One in Messiah 2002 doc
·  One in Messiah (with pictures) 2002 pdf
·  One in Messiah, Appendix 1 2002 doc
·  One in Messiah, Appendix 2 2002 doc
·  The "hidden Christ" in world religions 2007 doc
·  One in Messiah 2002 doc

Telchin, Stan
·  Messianic Judaism Is Not Christianity 2005 doc

Ward, Fenton
·  Identity's Impact on Evangelism 2005 doc
·  Reaching the Assimilated Jewish Person: Is There Any Difference? 1994 pdf

Wardell, Ruth
·  The Joys and Sorrows of a Missionary to the Jews 1989 pdf

Warnock, Rev. Dr. James

·  "All of these Efforts were Failures" - Alliances of Hebrew Christians 2001 pdf

Wasserman, Jeffrey Steven
·  Contextual Issues for Israeli and American Messianic Congregations 1997 pdf

Wilson, Marvin R.
·  Our Father Abraham (Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith) 1989 pdf

Zadok, David
·  The good Samaritan 2007 doc

Zaretsky, Tuvya
·  Report: The Anti-Missionaries 1987 pdf
·  Current Anti-Missionary Activity 1989 pdf
·  A Report: Responses to the Willowbank Declaration 1990 pdf
·  From Helsinki 2003 to Lake Balaton 2007 2007 doc
·  Assimilation and intermarriage: the glass is half full 2007 doc
·  Diaspora Missiology Report 2007 doc

Zeidan, David
·  Muslim and Jewish evangelism – comparing notes 2007 doc

Zinn, Michael
·  The impact of Russian believers on the Messianic movement in Israel 2007 doc

Zhelezny, Greg
·  The Challenge of Russian-Jewish Evangelism and the Transformation of the Messianic Movement 2001 pdf

Committee Reports and Transcripts

·  Report on Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaigns 1986 pdf
·  Jews for Jesus Backgrounder (pamphlet) 1986 pdf
·  UMJC Summer Ministries Report 1986 pdf
·  Report: The Organization of Cemeteries 1988 pdf
·  Historical Overview of the American Messianic Fellowship 1989 pdf
·  Report: The Jewish People of Mexico City 1991 pdf
·  2004 LCJE-NA Press Release 2004 doc
·  2004 LCJE-NA Conference Program 2004 doc
·  Report on Bible Translation in Jewish Languages 2004 doc
·  Chart of Jewish Languages 2004 pdf
·  2005 LCJE-NA Conference Program 2005 doc
·  2006 LCJE-NA Conference Program 2006 pdf
·  2007 LCJE-NA Conference Program 2007 pdf
· International LCJE Report 2010 2010 pdf

2007 International Reports

·  Israel doc
by Lisa Loden
·  Japan doc
by Charles Klingensmith
·  Australia and New Zealand doc
by Bob Mendelsohn
·  Europe doc
by Hartmut Renz
·  Finland doc
by Juha-Pekka Rissanen
·  North America doc
by Theresa Newell

Author Unknown

·  Book Review: The Sages - Their Concepts and Beliefs by Ephraim E. Urbach 1989 pdf
·  The Oral Torah and Hermenuetics 1994 pdf
·  Fifth Catalogue of Resources for Russian Jewish Evangelism 1997 pdf