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Alliance Jewish Ministries

Alliance Jewish Ministries of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)


Arbeitsgemeinschaft für das messianische Zeugnis an Israel

Ariel Ministries

Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies

Celebrate Messiah Australia
CJF Ministries

Church’s Ministry among Jewish people, UK

Church’s Ministry among Jewish people, USA

Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (Shoresh), Australia

Christian Witness to Israel

Danish Israel Mission


Disciple Daily

Evangeliumsdienst für Israel

The Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway

Faroese Israel Mission

Finnish Lutheran Mission

IRR-TV (Finland) - Great Commission Media Ministries

Jews for Jesus, Canada

Jews for Jesus, International

Jewish Voice Ministries International
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LCJE Japan
No Webpage
LIFE in Messiah International

Lutherans in Jewish Evangelism

New Covenant Forum

Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel

Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies

Patmos Foundations for World Missions

Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship
Tikkun International
Tzedakah Ministries