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Index of Papers 2007
All Papers ©LCJE

These papers contain the opinions of the authors, and are not necessarily representative of LCJE.

Papers are in Microsoft Word format (.doc) unless otherwise noted.

LCJE International Conference, Keszthely, Hungary, August 2007

Over 160 participants from 18 countries, representing 16 agencies and congregations involved in Jewish evangelism participated in The Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism’s (LCJE) eighth international gathering. The six-day meeting, with the theme "Jewish Evangelism – Telling the Story," was a time for leaders to relate stories from the field, consider trends, coordinate strategies and stimulate both theological and missiological thinking on issues related to their movement.

Papers are listed in the order in which they were presented.

  • The spirit of Lausanne
    by Susan Perlman

  • From Budapest to Lake Balaton
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • From Helsinki 2003 to Lake Balaton 2007
    by Tuvya Zaretsky

  • The conference on Jewish evangelism in Budapest 1927
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • Isaac Feinstein – a martyr for Christ in Romania
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • My discovery of six power principles
    by Al Runge

  • The wedding feast
    by Bodil F Skjøtt

  • Jesus from the earth up
    by Darrell L. Bock

  • The image of Jesus in Christian art
    by Reidar Hvalvik

  • The "hidden Christ" in world religions
    by Wes Taber

  • The “hidden Messiah” in Judaism
    by Richard Harvey

  • To whom are we telling the story?
    by Mitch Glaser

  • Jewish views of Jesus from the emancipation until the present
    by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

  • Jesus told among the nations
    by Doug Birdsall

  • Yechiel Zwi Herschensohn/ Lichtenstein – “der Alte” and the stranger
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • As a Jew I could never become a follower of Christ
    by Judith Rood

  • Stories from Japan
    by Charles Klingensmith

  • The sower and the seeds
    by Doug Birdsall

  • Jewish Mission to Hungary
    by Rolf G. Heitmann

  • Jewish evangelism today in the Former Soviet Union
    by Jim Melnick

  • The Jewish community in Hungary today
    by Ferenc Kozma

  • Jewish evangelism through the eyes of the media
    by Susan Perlman

  • Jewish evangelism in Bulgaria
    by Stanislav Alexiev

  • Jewish evangelism among Russian Jews in Germany
    by Vladimir Pikman

  • Isaac Lichtenstein – a Jesus-believing Hungarian rabbi
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • My concern is to build bridges
    by Hanspeter Obrist

  • Stories from Russia
    by Frank Arthur

  • The good Samaritan
    by David Zadok

  • Keeping the Law: freedom or obligation
    by Vladimir Pikman

  • Believers’ relation to the Law: not obligation, but fulfillment
    by Jim Congdon

  • Assimilation and intermarriage: the glass is half full
    by Tuvya Zaretsky

  • The impact of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on the story about Jesus
    by Mike Moore

  • Obstacles to Jewish evangelism
    by Jim Sibley

  • Pollak/Lucky– a lawobserving Jesus-believing Jew from Galicia
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • God called me to identify with his own dear Jewish people
    by Theresa Newell

  • Stories from France
    by Jean-Paul Rempp

  • The tenants in the vineyard
    by Wayne Hilsden

  • Jewish evangelism in Israel
    by Dan Sered

  • The impact of Russian believers on the Messianic movement in Israel
    by Michael Zinn

  • Reconciliation - against the wall in Israel/Palestine 2007
    by Lisa Loden

  • Muslim and Jewish evangelism – comparing notes
    by David Zeidan

  • With Hans Walter Hirschberg and Arthur Goldschmidt in Theresienstadt
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • All I knew was that I had found the Lord
    by David Loden

  • Stories from Australia
    by Bob Mendelsohn

  • The prodigal son
    by David Sedaca

  • Building bridges
    by Johannes Kleppe

  • Outreach to the “forgotten Jews” of Far East Russia
    by Lawrence Hirsch

  • Networking for Jewish evangelism - is there a future for LCJE?
    by David Brickner

  • Brilliant reflections on key facets of Romans 10:1
    by Steve Cohen

    2007 Reports

  • Israel
    by Lisa Loden

  • Japan
    by Charles Klingensmith

  • Australia and New Zealand
    by Bob Mendelsohn

  • Europe
    by Hartmut Renz

  • Finland
    by Juha-Pekka Rissanen

  • North America
    by Theresa Newell

    LCJE NA Conference, San Antonio, Texas, April 2007

    Ninety people from all parts of the United States, Europe and Israel attended the 24th annual North America LCJE conference in San Antonio April 16-18, 2007 held at the LaQuinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Convention Center just off the famous River Walk and several blocks from The Alamo.

    The theme of the conference was “Jewish Evangelism and the Body of Messiah.” Speakers included: Dr. Michael L. Brown, President of the FIRE School of Ministry, Concord, NC; Dr. Lamar Cooper, Executive Vice-president & Provost of Criswell College, Dallas, TX; Jonathan Bernis, Director of Jewish Voice Ministry, Phoenix, AZ; Dr. Raleigh B. Washington, President/CEO of Road to Jerusalem Ministry, Denver, CO; Kelvin Crombie, Director of The Heritage Centre, Christ Church, Jerusalem, Israel; Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif, Director of Zola Levitt Ministries, Dallas, TX; Steve Shermett, congregational leader of Beth Sar Shalom, Tucson, AZ; and Susan Perlman, Jews for Jesus, San Francisco, CA. Papers will be posted to this website.

    In the business meeting on Wednesday, April 18, An Appeal to Unity was passed by a majority of the voting members of LCJE NA.

    Dr. Theresa Newell who has served as Coordinator of LCJE NA since 1999 announced that she would step down from her post as will Robert Specter of Rock of Israel Ministries who has served as Secretary. Their successors will be elected at the LCJE International conference to be held August 19-24 at Lake Balaton, Hungary.

    The Conference Program (linked below) includes a comprehensive list of all papers presented at the conference. Papers will be added as they become available.

  • Daniel Landsmann - The First LCMS Missionary to the Jewish People (Powerpoint Presentation - download free Powerpoint Viewer)
    by Alan Butterworth

  • Judaism and New Testament Faith
    Evaluating Mark Kinzer’s Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism

    by Derek Leman

  • Is a Postmissionary, Truly Messianic Judaism Possible?
    by Michael L. Brown, Ph.D.

  • What do we stand for? - A look at LCJE Statements 1980-2005
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen

  • Somebody in the Body - Jewish Ministries and Christian Body Life
    by Jeffrey L. Seif

  • Diaspora Missiology Report
    by Tuvya Zaretsky

  • The Prayers Of Our Synagogue
    by Congregation Shema Israel

  • Conference Program (PDF Format)