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About LCJE

Who We Are: Missionary Profiles
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  • Tuvya Zaretsky, President of LCJE International Committee

    How did LCJE begin?
    In 1980, The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism (LCWE) sponsored the Consultation on World Evangelisation (COWE) in Pattaya, Thailand. "Reaching Jews" was one of the 17 mini-consultation groups at that event. The enthusiasm of the leaders in the field of Jewish evangelism who attended to expand the network gave rise to the formation of a task force, now called the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE).

    What has happened since?
    LCJE has met for international consultations every 3-4 years and more often on a regional basis. There are chapters in North America, Europe, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Latin America. A quarterly bulletin is published to keep its members abreast of what is happening in between consultations.

    Statements and Affirmations
    Read LCJE doctrinal statements and related materials here.

    Who can join LCJE?
    Jewish evangelism agencies, congregations engaged in Jewish evangelism, scholars and writers in the field, individual agency workers, and congregational leaders.

    Why should you join?
    LCJE is a forward-looking organisation committed to see the next generation of Jewish evangelism leaders better trained and equipped and networked with others doing this vital work. If you want to be part of a creative, cutting edge and cooperative environment and if you long to see Jewish evangelism higher on the church's agenda --you can make a difference through LCJE

    So how do I join?
    Membership is open to any agency, congregation or individual that is recommended by two other members, can embrace the Lausanne Covenant as a basis for fellowship and agrees to pay annual dues. The dues structure is found on our membership application page.