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LCJE Bulletin

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The LCJE Bulletin is published quarterly. Starting with the February, 2002 issue (no. 67), we will be posting past issues online. As the current issue is published in print form, the past issue will be posted online.

LCJE members receive the printed Bulletin automatically. Membership is $25 USD annually. You may also subscribe directly to the LCJE Bulletin for $15 USD annually. Payment may be made by international money order, or by a cheque drawn on a Dutch bank. Payment should be sent to:

Kai Kjær-Hansen
International Coordinator, LCJE
Box 11
DK-8520 Lystrup

Issues Available Online:

  • #96 May 2009 - LCJE Resolution on Christian Zionism and Jewish Evangelism; Finding Kinship at LCJE; Post Holocaust Ministry, and more.

  • #95 February 2009 - Making Good Decisions – What Informs Us?; Building a Framework for Faith Today, and more.

  • #94 November 2008 - Reexamining our Faith and Commitment; Martin Luther and the Anti-Jewishness of His Time;The Life of Johann Heinrich Callenberg, and more.

  • #93 September 2008 - Reflections on a Month in Israel; Outside Influences on Judaism: What Is Authentically Jewish?, and more.

  • #92 May 2008 - The Greatest Commandment; A Call for Clarity; A Typological Interpretation of Israel’s Feasts, and more.

  • #91 February 2008 - The Davidic Covenant; Jewish Diaspora Missiology, and more.

  • #90 November 2007 - Mission Priority from the Gospel of John; The Hidden Messiah; The Borough Park Symposium, and more.

  • #87 February 2007 - Outreach to the Forgotten Jews of Far East Russia; The Jewish Lady Evangelist from Melbourne; 2006 Annual Reports, and more.

  • #86 November 2006 - The Importance of Jewish Evangelism for the Church; Russian-speaking Messianic Conference in Berlin; Stavanger, The Mission Capital of Norway, and more.

  • #85 June 2006 - A Matter of Perspective, Romans 1:16 - To the Jew First, Jewish Evangelism in Latin America, and more.

  • #84 June 2006 - With One Accord in Prayer, A Note from Moishe Rosen, Community Based Evangelism, and more.

  • #83 February 2006 - The Relationship Between Mission Organizations and (Messianic) Congregations, LCJE ICC Meeting in Jerusalem, 2005 Annual Reports, and more.

  • #82 November 2005 - Biola University and LOP 60, Competition and Collaboration, Evangelistic Ministry to Jewish Gentile Couples, and more.

  • #81 We're sorry - due to a computer crash in our office, issue 81 is not available in electronic format.

  • #80 May 2005 - LCJE and the Vatican, Australia, Behold Your God!, Jewish Evangelism and the Japanese Church, and more.

  • #79 February 2005 - Auchwitz and Jewish Evangelism, Caspari Center Jerusalem, Annual Reports, and more.

  • #78 November 2004 - Pattaya Conference, book reviews, and more.

  • #77 September 2004 - Menahem Benhayim, Jewish-Gentile couples, and more.

  • #76 May 2004 - The Passion of the Christ, Jewish Evangelism training, more

  • #75 Feb. 2004 - Annual reports, Anti-Semitism and Criticism of the State of Israel, more

  • #74 Nov. 2003 - Digital Jewish Missions History Project, New Members, New Coordinators, more

  • #73 Sept. 2003 - “Are you the King of the Jews?,” Jesus and Jewish Evangelism, Reactions on LCJE Helsinki 2003 , more

  • #72 May. 2003 - John Nicolayson, Outreach through Messianic Jewish congregations, The Orthodox Jewish Bible, more

  • #71 Feb. 2003 - The Way That Leads to Peace, First Youth Organization to Join LCJE, 2002 Annual Reports, more

  • #70 Nov. 2002 - Eulogy for Dr. Lous Goldberg, The Re-emergence of Anti-Semitism: A View from America, Anti-Semitism in Germany, more

  • #69 Aug 2002 - The tent and the altar, The Divinity of Jesus, "Jesus" video project in Jerusalem, Using the Internet in Evangelism, The "Contra LCJEus" Tradition on the Web, more

  • #68 May 2002 - Reconciliation, ICC Meeting in Jerusalem, In Russian Jewish Brooklyn, "Messianism" or Messianic Judaism?, The Centrality of Messiah, more

  • #67 February 2002 - Success and Failure in Ministry, New-Age Judaism, Material and Methods in Jewish Evangelism, International LCJE Reports