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Index of Papers 2009
All Papers © LCJE

These papers contain the opinions of the authors, and are not necessarily representative of LCJE.

Papers are in Microsoft Word format (.doc) unless otherwise noted.

LCJE North America Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, March 2009

Papers are listed in the order in which they were sent. Additional papers will be added as they are received.

  • Media Update
    by Susan Perlman

  • How Christian is Christian Zionism?
    by David Brickner

  • Nothing is Going to Get Done Easily
    by Kai Kjaer-Hansen

  • International LCJE Report 2009
    by Kai Kjaer-Hansen

  • Jewish Outreach in Light of the New AntiSemitism PDF
    by Olivier Melnick

  • Jewish Ministry in the Post Holocaust Era PDF
    by Galen Peterson

  • Jewish outreach at the Chicago Board of Trade
    by R. Schwarcz

  • Jewish Ministry Through The Local Church
    by Murray Tilles

  • Heresy and Heretics: Identification and Response
    by Loren Jacobs

  • Encouragement Proclamation of the Gospel to the Jewish People PDF
    by Barry E. Horner

  • First Thoughts on a Messianic Jewish Theology: A Theology of Sin
    by Richard A. Robinson