Toolangi Vic, Australia, February 8-11, 2011




Greetings from the International Coordinator

Dear Participants in the Second AustralAsia LCJE conference
Thank you for the invitation to extend my greetings to you as the International Coordinator of this small but important and also vital network. The vitality of the network in your area is evident. It seems like only a short time ago that I wrote my first greeting ever to an LCJE conference for the AustralAsia area. I realize that it is only two years ago.

I want to believe that what you gained from the conference two years ago gave you the motivation, the blessing and desire to come back and meet again - in order to do what our small but vital network is all about: To share, to plan together, to network and to encourage one another. So that more Jewish people will be able to consider the good news about the Messiah and the salvation he brings.

May the God of Israel richly bless the conference and your time together over the next few days. 
With blessings – and in the Messiah

Kai Kjær-Hansen
International Coordinator, LCJE

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