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Ninth International LCJE Conference
High Leigh 7-12 August, 2011

Papers are listed in the order in which they were presented.

Sunday, August 7

Welcome to LCJE at High Leigh 2011 by Kai Kjær-Hansen

Sir Leon Levison at High Leigh 1931 by Kai Kjær-Hansen

From Lake Balaton 2007, Via Cape Town 2010 To High Leigh 2011 by Tuvya Zaretsky

Bride Song by Robin Aldridge

For the Love of Zion and Jesus by Alex Jacob

The Great Commission out of Zion by David Zadok

Monday, August 8

Running to the finish Hebrews 12 v1 to 3 by David Sedaca

To the Jew of Course Romans 1 16 by Stuart Dauermann

To the Jew, of Course! A Response by Jim Sibley

Response to Stuart Dauermann by Martin Goldsmith

Business Meeting by Kai Kjær-Hansen

God is on the move by Grace Matthew

Integration of Russian speaking messianic Jews in Israeli communities by Maxim Katz

The communities of Russian-speaking believers in Germany and Russia by Vldimir Pikman

Reaching Russian Jews from Finland by Juhani Koivisto

The Lausanne Movement and Jewish Evangelism setting the scene by Kai Kjær-Hansen

Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization - 1974 by Tuvya Zaretsky

Enjoying being part of the Lausanne Movement since 1980 by Susan Perlman

Being Part of Lausanne III at Cape Town - an Eye Opener by Daniel Nessim

Personal Reflections on The 3rd Global Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelization Challenges and Disappointments by Mitch Glaser

Ursula Nehab in the Land Conversion and Love Story by Kai Kjær-Hansen

My Meeting with the Persecuted by David Zadok

Stories from Japan 2011 by Charles Klingensmith

All Authority Matt 28-18 by H Greer

Tuesday, August 9

Faith in Practice- Abel Enoch Noah and Abraham - Hebrews 11 v 1 12 by Bodil F Skjøtt

The Law of Return with a Focus on Christians and Messianic Jews by Michael Decker

Israel Education Forum by John Sode-Woodhead

Houses from Within by Christian Rasmussen

Proclamation Evangelism in Israel by Dan Sered

Israel and the Bible- Connecting Israel with the Message of the Bible by Victor Kalisher

Reconciliation by Jamie Hilsden

Leadership training in the Israeli Messianic community by Alec Goldberg

Yuval- School of Music and the Arts by Irit Iffert

Unity and Diversity by Michael Zinn

Unity and Diversity in Israel by David Zadok

Ruth Clark in the Land- One of the Three Misses Clark by Kai Kjær-Hansen

My meeting with the poor at Cape Town 2010 by Lawerence Hirsch

Stories from South Africa by Cecilia Burger

All People -The Impact of Jewish Evangelism on the Evangelization of the World by Justin Kron

Wednesday, August 10

Still Living by Faith- Longing for a Better Country - Hebrews 11 v 13 22 by Wayne Hilsden

The Apostolic Gospel- More than Death for Sin by Darell Bock

The Apostolic Messenger- Less Than a Saint by Tuvya Zaretsky

Louis Meyer- A Jewish Evangelist in the Church in the beginning of th 20th century by Paul Rood

Evaluating Messianic Jewish theology today- have we gone too far or not far enough by Richard Harvey

Hannah R Hurnard- From Wayfarer in the Land to New Age by Kai Kjær-Hansen

My Meeting with the Broken at Cape Town 2010 by Judith Rood

Stories from Siberia by Mary C

The Third of the Four Alls of the Great Commission in Matthew 28 v16-20- All that Jesus taught by Kirk Gliebe

Thursday, August 11

Being Mistreated Along With the People of God- Hebrews 11 v23 40 by Susan Perlman

Making the Messiah Known by Paul Thaxter

Management Memos - Drama by Avi Snyder

Internet Evangelism in Israel by Eitan Bar

Making Messiah Known through Public Debate and Media by Daniel Nessim

Making the Messiah Known - Through Music and the Arts by Ann Hilsden

Using Gospel Tracts - Broadsides - as a Means of Personal Evangelism by Steve Cohen

Publishing Literature for the Future of Jewish Evangelism by Barry Rubin

Making the Messiah Known- through Theological and Academic Work by Tim Sigler

Report for LCJE South Africa 2007-2011 by Cecilia Burger

Report for LCJE North America 2007-2011 by Jim R Sibley

Report for LCJE Latin America 2007-2011 by David Sedaca

Report for LCJE Japan 2007-2011 by Charles Klingensmith

Report for LCJE Israel 2007-2011 by David Zadok

Report for LCJE Germany 2007-2011 by Jurek Schulz

Report for LCJE AustralAsia 2007-2011 by Bob Mendelsohn

Report for LCJE Finland 2007-2011 by Juhani Koivisto

Report for LCJE Europe 2007-2011 by Jean-Paul Rempp

Sitt Elsie of Tiberias- a Bible-Woman Evangelist in the Land by Kai Kjær-Hansen

My Meeting with the Africans at Cape Town 2011 by Theresa Newell

When I looked into Her Eyes by Louise Hirsch

I will be with you always, even till the end of the age by Joel Ben David

Friday, August 12

Where in the World are the Jewish People- A Demographic Survey by Wes Taber

A call from AustralAsia by Bob Mendelsohn

A call from France by Jean-Paul Rempp

A call from Latin America by David Sedaca

A Call From Ukraine by Hilary Lind

Moishe Rosens Legacy and the Inspiration for LCJE by David Brickner

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever- Hebrews 13 v 8 by Rolf G Heitmann



LCJE North American Conference
St. Louis, USA, March 28-30, 2011

Blowing the doors off the Kingdom of God
Gary Hedrick

The Purpose, Structure and Theme of the Epistle to the Hebrews
Steven C. Ger, ThM

How I found the Messiah
Gideon Levytam 



LCJE Austral/Asian Conference
Toolangi Vic, Australia, February 8-11, 2011

Greetings from the LCJE President
Tuvya Zaretsky

Greetings from the LCJE International Coordinator
Kai Kjær-Hansen

If I had a Dream
Bob Mendelsohn  

One Covenant for All
Wayne Hilsden

Creeds and Theology: Expressing the Jewish Context – Benefits and Dangers
Paul Morris

LCJE at LCWE Cape Town – What did we Achive?
Bodil F. Skjøtt

Jewish Identity: Our Call
Lawrence Hirsch

Replacing Replacement Theology
Wayne Hilsden

A Biblical Theology of Mission
Bob Mendelsohn  

Jacob: Righteous Patriarch or Conniver
Ashley Crane

What is Messianic Worship?
Ann Hilsden

What is Missing in Jewish Mission Today?
Fraser J. Harding

A Perpetual Hatred – A Godly Response: Psalm 83
Wayne Hilsden

Closing Thoughts ... on Israel
Ann Hilsden