Collaroy (Sydney) NSW, Australia, July 21-24,  2009

The Friday group, which included many of the 73 who attended the whole week at the LCJE AustralAsia conference in July 2009.

Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism AustralAsia

Conference Schedule

21-24 July 2009
Collaroy, NSW (Sydney)

TUESDAY 21 July 2009

Check in at Collaroy Centre from 2 to 7 pm

4:00    Afternoon tea
Book stalls open
5:30  Prayer gatherings
6:00  Dinner
7:00    Session 1: Moderator: Bob Mendelsohn
7:15    Greetings from LCWE:  Ross Clifford
7:25    Testimony: E. M.
7:35    Video presentation:  Philippines/ Israel Celebration May 2008
7:45    Song: Susanna
7:50    Speaker: Darrell Bock  “The Covenants of Promise ” Part I: Abraham
8:25    Q/A with speaker
8:45    End session

9:15    Concert: Susanna Galer

WEDNESDAY 22 July 2009

0730   Prayer Meeting
0800   Breakfast

Morning Session--- Moderator: E. M.
0900   Worship
9:15    Rahel Landrum: Israel Evangelism
10:00  Testimony: Scott Brown
1010   Morning tea

1045   Video / Reading: Good Samaritan
1055   Speaker 3: Lawrence Hirsch:  The Holiness of Action
1140   Spontaneous five-minute contributions by participants

12:00  Lunch

2:00    Afternoon session   Moderator: Mark Leach
Practitioners Forum 1:  Lessons from the Field, What’s working, what’s not working?
Featuring these missionaries: Lawrence Hirsch, Paul Morris, Kon Michaelides, KayChan Park, Rahel Landrum, E.M., Bob Mendelsohn, Scott Brown, Barry Buirski, Rita Ivenskis

4:00    Afternoon tea
Freetime for beachside walks or shopping

6:00  Dinner
7:00    Evening session—Moderator: Danny Saunders
7:15    Jews in Australia, a history.  Video? Talk? Scene? Paul Cohen
7:30    Paul Morris: “History of one Jewish mission: Whose Shoulders are those?”
8:00    Song: Susanna
8:05    Testimony: Natasha Michaelides, Russian Outreach in Sydney
8:15    Speaker 3: Darrell Bock, “The Covenants of Promise” Part II: David

Late night: Fellowship and dreaming together (or beachside walks)
Movie:  way too early to know this one
Or late night concert by some young people?

THURSDAY 23 July 2009

0730   Prayer Meeting
0800   Breakfast

9:00    Morning Session—Moderator: Paul Cohen
9:15    Speaker 1:  Ashley Crane: The Jews in John, Anti-Semitism or culture?
9:45    Q/A with speaker
10:00  Testimony:  Giselle Le’Aupepe
10:10  Music special: Giselle and David her brother
10:17  Dance or drama special

1030   Morning tea
11:00  Speaker 3: Des Rubie: Israeli tourists and the Gospel
11:30  Spontaneous five-minute contributions by participants

12:00  Lunch

2:00    Afternoon Session—Moderator: Rahel Landrum
2:00    Speaker One: Scott Brown: Ministry to Inter-married couples
2:45    Testimony: Barney Zwartz
3:00    Speaker 2:  Barry Buirski: Tourist Tsuris
3:30    Q/A with speakers

3:45    Afternoon tea

            Freetime for beachside walks or shopping or taking it all in

6:00  Dinner

7:00    Evening session: Moderator: Ashley Crane
7:15    Bob Mendelsohn: Adventures of a global traveller
7:45    Testimony: Danny Saunders
8:05    Songs
8:15    Speaker 2: Darrell Bock: “The Covenants of Promise” Part III: The New Covenant
8:50    Q/A with speakers
9:05    end

9:30    Late night concert by Susanna Galer

FRIDAY 24 July 2009

07:30   Prayer Meeting
08:00   Breakfast

0900   Morning (Final) Session: Moderator:  Paul Morris
09:15    Speaker 1: Jelin Tan: The Jews of Asia
10:00   Testimony: Fred Gunsberger
10:10  Speaker 2: KayChan Park:  From Asia to the Jewish people or
“What’s a nice Korean man like you doing in a Jewish place like this?”
10:55  Speaker 3: Darrell Bock, Final thoughts
11:10   Time to check out of rooms, and Book stalls close
12:00  Lunch
and farewells

Brochure in pdf. format.


Greetings from the International Coordinator

Dear participants in the LCJE AustralAsia conference.

Thank you for the invitation to extend my greetings to the conference and to
all of you participating in this the first of its kind event in your area. I
was invited to send a video greeting, but let me do it this way – by words –
and then I am sure that Bob Mendelsohn among all his pictures can find one
to go along with my greeting.    

First of all, I want to express my thanks to the group who have put the
conference together. Thank you for your hard work and your commitment to
Jewish evangelism and to the Jewish people. With the program you have set up
for the next days you are a great example of what the LCJE network is all

Thank you also to all of you who have made it your priority to set aside the
time and resources to take part in this event. I pray and trust that your
time together will be an encouragement to those of you in full time ministry
but also give all of you inspiration for your own work and a new vision for
what God is doing through and among his people.

For me as the international coordinator of a small network for Jewish
evangelism it is a great encouragement to see yet another chapter come
together to share burdens and visions, resources and ideas to further the
cause of mission among Jewish people today and to build up the body of our
Messiah. May the God of Israel richly bless the conference and your time
together over the next few days. 

With blessings – and in the Messiah

Kai Kjær-Hansen
International Coordinator, LCJE 


Report from the Conference

By Natasha Michailidis Bulletin 98, p. 4-5.

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Click here for photos from the Conference.