Index of Papers 2014

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Papers are in PDF or Word format, with some presentations available in PowerPoint.


10th LCJE Europe Regional Conference
Kiev, Ukraine (April 2014)

THEME: "Jesus: Still a Light to His People in the Post-Shoah Era"

How does Jewish Mission relate to - or is part of - World Mission?
Armin Bachor

COMMENTS on Armin Bachor's paper
1. Bodil Skjott // 2. Jim Melnick

Progress and Challenges to Direct Evangelism and Proclamation among Jewish People in Ukraine
Igor Barbanel

A Brief Historical Overview of Modern Church-Messianic and Jewish Relations in Ukraine Since 1980
Boris Grisenko (Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation - KJMC/KEMO)

A History of Jewish Mission in Europe until World War I: Some unknown facts and figures. A Return to Our Roots (Word version) (PDF version) (PowerPoint presentation)
Rolf Heitmann

The Breslover Hasidim, the Shoah, and Points of Messianic Witness
Jim Melnick

The Problems Linked to Jewish Evangelism in Post-Holocaust Ukrainian Society
Igor Rusniak

An Update on Jewish Evangelism in Israel
Dan Sered

Ministry to Russian-speaking Jews in Russia and Elsewhere
Alexey Shepelev

Created to Proclaim: Israel, an Evangelistic Light to the Nations
Avi Snyder (Copyright Jews for Jesus 2007. Please contact author for permission to reproduce, quote or use in any fashion)

Ethnocentrism: The Enemy Inside
Eiko Takamizawa (Torch Trinity Graduate University, Seoul. South Korea)

The Relations of Russian-speaking Jews and Israel and How to Keep the Gospel Alive Among Russian Jews
David Zadok (Copyright David Zadok, January 2014)



Nikolai Haskin

Bulgaria (PowerPoint presentation)
Staislav Alexiev

Juhani Koivisto

Jean-Paul Rempp

Vladimir Pikman

Emanuel Machnicki

Suciu Florin



31st Annual North American LCJE Conference
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois (Chicago), USA , March 2014

THEME: "The New Testament's Use of Old Testament Passages - How Are They Messianic?"

The OT in the NT: What Issues Come into Play? (PDF)
Walter Kaiser

Proclaiming the Prince of Peace: Missiological Implications of Biblical Reconciliation (PDF)
Galen Peterson

Answering the New Covenant Perspective’s Charge on The Absence of Restoration to the Land Texts In the New Testament (PDF)
Randall Price

Simpson’s Israelology and the Great Commission (PDF)
Abe Sandler

Pauline Usage of Isaiah 45:17; 59:20 and Jeremiah 31:34 in Romans 11:25-27 (PDF)
Amy Downey

The Calling of Gentiles to Jewish Evangelism A Study of Romans 11 (PDF)
Jonathan Sacks

Israeli Traveler Ministry: An intentional missions response to contemporary Israeli culture (PDF)
Israeli Traveler Ministry (PowerPoint)
Aaron Trank

(The LCJE-NA 2014 Papers can also be found here).