Index of Papers 2012

These papers contain the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of LCJE.

Papers are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.


LCJE North American Conference
San Diego, USA, March 2012

The Eschatological Purpose of Jewish Evangelism
Daniel Richard Muller

Bonhoeffer and the Jews
Theresa Newell

Heroes of the Holocaust: Poland, The Warsaw Ghetto and Yeshua
Mitch Glaser

Messianic Resources
Barry Rubin

In Light of the Holocaust: Evangelicals, Jews and the Historical Record
Donald M. Lewis

Redemption for the Wounds of the Holocaust for Survivors and Their Children
Chaim Urbach

Evangelizing After the Holocaust in New York City
Jeff Gutterman

The Gentile Problem - Shadows of Shoah
Perry Trotter



LCJE Austral/Asian Conference
Collaroy Conference Centre , Australia, August 7-10, 2012

The Third AustralAsia Conference

The Third AustralAsia Conference - A Report
Natasha Michailidis

Healthy Relationships: Characteristics and Warnings
Natasha Michailidis

Ezekiel: Dry Bones and Rattling
Ashley Crane

New Age Evangelism: Perspectives and Response
Scott Brown

Handling Objections (an overview)
Lawrence Hirsch

When Dreams Go Thud: Handling Failure in Ministry
Bob Mendelsohn

Lessons from the Book of Jonah
Bob Mendelsohn