Annual Report for LCJE Australia/New Zealand 2003
By Lawrence Hirsch, LCJE Coordinator for Australia/New Zealand

Attending the Seventh International LCJE Conference in Finland from the 7-12 August 2003 was a great encouragement to me personally. I was accompanied by my wife Louise and the Chairman of the Board of Celebrate Messiah Australia Chris Malcolm and his wife Nicole. Meeting old friends and making new accaintences made us feel better connected and also better informed as to what God is doing amongst Jewish people worldwide.

The work of Jewish evangelism in Australia has continued on at a steady pace. Mission organisations working in Australia have all report increased missionary activity amongst Jewish people and a number of Jewish people responded to the Messiahship of Jesus in a positive way.

It is also without a doubt that the issue of Jewish evangelism has been brought before the Church in unprescedented proportions with a number of missionaries doing deputations in a broad spectrum of denominations through Australia and New Zealand.

LCJE ANZ has set a date in April 2004 for a retreat for of all those involved in Jewish missions in Australia and New Zealand. The intention of this retreat is foster better relations and networking amongst missionaries through fellowship and prayer. We also hope to encourage membership in the LCJE. Please pray for this gathering. It will be the first of its kind in Australia as far as I know.

Here are some encouraging reports from a few of the organisations represented in Australia (listed alphabetically):

Celebrate Messiah Australia
This year has been a most remarkable year for Jewish evangelism in Australia. Celebrate Messiah now has five full time missionaries working amongst Jewish people in Australia (Lawrence Hirsch, Rita Ivenskis, Phil Plotnek, Barry Buirski, and E.M.). This year we have seen a dozen Jewish people come to faith in Messiah, both Australian Jewish people as well as some Russian Jewish immigrants. It is also such a joy to work with these new believers and nurture them in their faith.

Our two congregations in Melbourne continue to grow – Beit HaMashiach has about 80 regularly attending services and Dom Missi'ee ministers to over 100 Russian speaking Jewish people each week through Bible studies, English Language Classes and through Messiah College. In December a special outreach was held involving a team of University students which was a great success and demonstrates that Jewish people are becoming more open to the Gospel, once you begin to scratch below the surface.

Christian Witness to Israel
CWI has found a booktable ministry in the Bondi shopping mall to be their most fruitful means for first contact with Jewish people. Some of these now attend Haderek, a Bible Study working through Isaiah.

A fifteen session study course has prepared volunteers for more effective witness and support roles. The way is being prepared for witness in other centres by the establishment of prayer and witness groups. The provision of volunteer workers in evangelism and administration has been a positive development and an answer to prayer.

David House Fellowship
THE VINEYARD magazine continues to be the main arm of outreach for David House Fellowship, with over 30,000 copies distributed worldwide, in five languages, each month.

THE VINEYARD magazine seeks to stimulate Jewish readers to faith in Messiah. For this reason, THE VINEYARD magazine is sent in bulk to new recipients in areas where many Jewish people live. In Melbourne, Australia, alone, a total of 9,200 VINEYARD magazines have been distributed, over the last twelve months, by this means.

The Russian edition of THE VINEYARD magazine will be circulated in conjuction with the Omega Project (Frank and Leena Arthur) at upcoming Jewish events planned for Siberia.

The feasibility of producing and distributing a Hebrew edition of THE VINEYARD magazine is currently being researched. Contact Mark Warren,

Lawrence Hirsch