Elections at the Seventh International LCJE Conference

Election to LCJEs International Coordinating Committee (ICC) took place on 11 August 2003 and had the following result: Tuvya Zaretsky was reelected as President, Kai Kjr-Hansen reelected as International Coordinator, Lisa Loden reelected as committee member. New member of the ICC: Derek Leman, who is pastor of Hope of David Congregation in Atlanta, USA.

The same day there were regional meetings with elections of LCJE area coordinators, with the following result:

Australia/New Zealand: Lawrence Hirsch (reelected)

Europe: Hartmut Renz (reelected)

Israel: David Boyd (new)

Japan: Teiichiro Kuroda (reelected)

North America: Theresa Newell (reelected)

Latin America: Yosef Koelner (reelected)

South Africa: Roger Horwood (new).
David Boyd is President of Israel College of the Bible, Jerusalem. He replaces Arthur Goldberg. In the later years there has not been an LCJE coordinator for South Africa. Roger Horwood, who is a minister in Camp Bay, Cape Town, has agreed to assume this task. Finland has their own LCJE chapter within Europe. Eero Junkkaala continues as coordinator.

It was left to the president and the international coordinator to try to find an LCJE coordi- nator for South America.

The Danish LCJE team continues with Bodil F. Skjtt as secretary for ICC and Flemming Markussen and Birger Petterson assisting the international coordinator.

We want to express our gratitude to Arthur Goldberg, who, from 1995, has served as area coordinator in Israel in two periods. We are also greatly indebted to outgoing ICC-member Pirkko Sil. It was Pirkko who at the meeting at Hofstra 1999 invited us to have the next international conference in Finland. Prior to the confe-rence she played an impor-tant part in the planning. Due her illness she was not able to participate in the Helsinki meeting.

We are also grateful to Pirkkos husband, Juhani Sil, for his help in connection with the conference. This is also true of the Finnish volunteers, the Finnish LCJE group, the Finnish agency members and the staff at the Finnish Bible Institute.

Kai Kjr-Hansen