From the coordinator

LCJE-Helsinki 7-12 August 2003

The Seventh International LCJE Conference is near. At this moment it is safe to say that in terms of number it will be the biggest conference in LCJE's history.

All rooms at the conference centre are taken, which means that we have had to book rooms at nearby hotels. In addition there will be a number of day guests. In mid-May there are approx. 160 persons who will take part in the whole conference.

One of the main purposes of LCJE is to bring together people who are involved in Jewish evangelism. Measured in that way it is a success.

Several networks and organisations use the opportunity to have their own separate arrangements before or after the conference - after they have participated in the LCJE conference, which is one of the explanations of the big number of participants.

Before the LCJE conference, Chosen People Ministries have their own staff conference. At the last LCJE conference, New York 1999, a Lutheran group was set up. This group met in Israel in the summer of 2001 and now use the occasion to meet again. After the conference Caspari Center has an international board meeting, and Jews for Jesus also have a gathering for board members.

As at the last three international LCJE conferences all papers, with a few exceptions, be published in five booklets. It will be a remarkable collection of material for further reflection and research.

The price per set is USD 15 (+ postage). They can be ordered per mail (

We are looking forward to a rewarding and inspiring conference to keep us firm in our calling: to take the good news of Jesus to the Jewish people.

For that to succeed we depend on LCJE members' prayers for this conference - whether or not they participate.

Kai Kjr-Hansen