The "Contra LCJEus" Tradition on the Web

By Jorge Qui˝ˇnez, San Diego, USA

This brief article endeavors to discuss what is said on the Web in opposition to the LCJE. First off, there does not exist a specifically named organization (i.e., "the antiLCJE") on the Internet created solely to combating the LCJE's efforts in the same manner that 'Jews for Jesus' and 'Jews for Judaism' coexist. As Jewish missions and the Messianic Jewish movement have established a plethora of web sites on every imaginable topic so too has the Jewish community rallied to its own defense and established a strong presence on the web. 'Jews for Judaism' has an elaborate website. However, as far I can ascertain after having done a search on their website they don't even mention the LCJE. It appears that the antimissionary organizations are more focused on 'Jews for Jesus', 'Chosen People Ministries', or 'Messianic Jews'. However, while I may not have found the LCJE on any traditional antimissionary sites, there were at least two others that discussed the LCJE from an unfavorable standpoint.

The first place I found was a Jewish website entitled "Christianity/The 'Messianic Jew'/Racism And Racial Discrimination" [1]. Its forty or so articles are focused on demonstrating that the Jewish mission and Messianic Judaism are racist and discriminatory and give rise to anti?Semitism. It makes for interesting reading, nonetheless. For example, the webpage states that the International Messianic Jewish Alliance's (IMJA) membership policy does not permit non?Jews full membership. The webpage's writer argues that traditional Judaism allows for full conversion and acceptance of non?Jews into Judaism. Regarding the LCJE, one of the articles on the webpage states:

...why do so many LCJE members present themselves as still being "Jews" to the extent of virtually denying their Christian commitment? Why does the public image generated by LCJE members differ so radically from what one might expect from a deeply committed Christian association like the LCJE? What is the LCJE's hidden agenda for the Jews? [2]

The article goes on to discuss in very unfavorable terms two LCJE members, David Stern and Baruch Maoz. Near the end, the article concludes, "There is good evidence to suggest that the "Messianic Jew" is to conservative Christianity what the "non?Aryan Christian" (i.e. a "Christian of the Jewish race") was to Nazi Germany." [2]

The second website is a Christian one entitled "Seek God." The forward to the webpage states its purpose quite plainly:

Christian articles to Encourage and Research articles to warn about the Global Ecumenical Movement involving groups from the Occult and New Age to Evangelicals, Catholics, Pentecostals, Jews, Charismatics, Hebrew Roots and others. The apostasy of specific leadership or organizations is exposed. [3]

The site appears to be Evangelical of a rather sensationalistic nature. If one follows the link "Research Articles" [4], you will be lead to nearly a couple dozen articles 'exposing' (so as not to become 'ensnared') such topics as the 'Hebrew Roots' movement (e.g., the Jerusalem School of the Gospel, James Trimm, Uri Marcus, the Kabbalah, and the Rabbinic literature are all discussed at length), the Messianic Jewish movement, Fuller Theological Seminary, Hanukkah and the LCJE. What they are in reality are long?winded diatribes that seek to bring to light what the writer perceives as a conspiracy of global proportions. The LCJE is viewed as a willing and key participant in this diabolical ecumenical affair [5]. I will end by saying that this site has to be seen to be believed.

Anyone interested in visiting these websites is directed to the web links in the endnotes below.

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Jorge Qui˝ˇnez