Using our homepage to better fulfil our purpose statement

By Bodil F. Skj°tt, The Danish Israel Mission

The LCJE purpose statement is made up of four points:
  • Share information and resources
  • Study current trends
  • Stimulate one another's thinking on theological and missiological issues
  • Strategize on a global level so that more Jewish people will hear and consider the Good News of Jesus.

    A quick visit to present LCJE website shows how some of this is already being done through the web. Here the visitor can get information about upcoming conferences, their program, place and dates and even how to register. We can only hope that more of the regional groups will make use of this avenue for advertising their events and not leave this the North America group alone. It is good, it is quick, and it is FREE.

    The list of papers and articles presents a very valuable resource on topics on which it can be difficult to find material elsewhere. We can only hope that more of the articles will be available for downloads soon.

    So far the LCJE website has done a lot to fulfil the first of the four points in the purpose statement.

    But although the first purpose is the one more easily fulfilled through the net there are only good reasons to continue down the list and find ways of using the website and the net for the other three statements. So far most of what is said about LCJE in these statements happens only at the regional conferences and especially at the bigger international conferences. The latter ones are held only every four years and not everybody has the money or the time to be present there.

    Talking to participants at the international conferences about what they find more valuable at the conferences most find it hard to choose between these two:

    1.The plenary presentation, which allows them among other things to study current trends under the guidance of an expert in the field or
    2.The breaks - sometimes extended breaks - or late evening talks with other conference participants who are involved in similar kind of work as they themselves and with whom their can share ideas and experience and be encouraged to continue their specific ministry.

    With our homepage you do not need to wait for the next conference to discuss your specific question or task with others. You can do it on the net. Neither do you need to wait for the next chance to announce that you want a late evening meeting with others involved in children's ministry or campus ministry, or to share your latest tracks with others to find out what they produce. You can do it on the net.

    However, somebody needs to take the initiative, "call the meeting" or start the discussion. It doesn't matter what the topic is as long as it falls within the parameter of what LCJE is all about: Jewish evangelism. You can announce your question and topic, add your email address, and set up a closed mailing list with those who want to contribute or just be in on the discussion. At the initial stage the LCJE home page will let people know of your interest of getting such a group going and later we will keep a list on the site of the different topics hopefully being discussed in such groups as well as information on who to contact if and when new people would like to join.

    This is one way of fulfilling the third of the LCJE purpose statements: stimulate one another's thinking on theological and missiological issues. Perhaps we can not only stimulate our thinking but also enhance what we are already doing.

    Those interested are invited to contact Theresa Newell.

    Bodil F. Skj°tt