ICC meeting in Jerusalem

LCJE's International Coordinating Committee (ICC) met in Jerusalem on 12 February 2002. A number of business matters and updates were on the agenda.

At the end of 2001 LCJE had 25 agency members and 173 individual members. ICC would like to encourage area coordinators as well as other members to make LCJE known in the contexts where they find themselves. Agency members are also encouraged to approach theological schools and offer to pay a subscription to the LCJE Bulletin for them if they are willing to include it in their libraries.

The LCJE Directory is only available in an electronic version. It can be ordered from the international office by request by members of the LCJE.

LCJE's web site is managed by Theresa Newell, LCJE area coordinator for North America. There was a discussion at the meeting about how LCJE members can make better use of this web site. This is an issue that will be dealt with in the August Bulletin.

The international coordinator accepted the invitation to be responsible for a publication of the history of LCJE. It is left to the coordinator to decide whether or not the history will cover the first 20 or 25 years of LCJE.

Much of the time at the ICC meeting was devoted to work on the draft which was presented by the conference committee for the seventh International LCJE Conference. The Conference will be held near Helsinki, Finland, 7-12 August 2003. The costs for the conference (meals, accommodation and conference fee) will not exceed USD 600. Invitations to speakers at the Conference are being sent out this spring. The definitive program will be sent to all LCJE members together with the November Bulletin.

Kai Kjr-Hansen