Dr. Louis Goldberg in Memoriam

By Victor Smadja, Israel

I meet Louis and Claire during their first visit to Israel in 1968 and from the first day they became a close part of the work in Israel and in our family.

From the beginning I felt the strong leading of the Lord to invite them to share in the Ministry of the Messianic Assembly and of Keren Ahvah Meshihit, At that time he asked me to write a letter to Dr. Culbertson , who was the President of Moody Bible Institute, where Louis was teaching, to ask him to send Louis to Israel in the summers as a part of their extensive teaching ministry.

And from this time on, they both came under the auspices of K.A.M. for services. In the beginning we organized short Bible schools, first in an hotel in the Old City and then in Beth Yedidiah for many years.

Both of them had a very fruitful ministry not only in these Bible Seminars but also in the different congregations where they have been invited to serve in the Worship Services, and for Claire in the children classes where she was able to teach and advise Sabbath School teachers.

They have been serving in many congregations around the country, not only teaching but also counselling and using every occasion to share their faith in the Messiah Yeshua.

Louis Goldberg’s love and gentleness was touching and precious to every one. He was a true follower of His Messiah and served amongst us in a most humble and loving way. His concern to the Body of the believers in Israel was so great that he was carrying our problemsand our pains and enriching our lives by his advice.

He was trying to find new ways for the expression of our Jewishness without compromising with the fundamentals of our faith in the person of Yeshua. His cooperation of the different aspects of Keren Ahvah Meshihit was largely expressed specially in the Young People Conferences and in the last years had a special attention for the Golden Age Summer Holiday.

He set for us an example of faithfulness and servanthood, and my personaldesire and prayer to hear one day Our Lord to say to me and to all of us what Louis has already heard:

Come in to the joy of Thy Master.

Victor Smadja