By Pirkko Säilä, Member of LCJE’s International Coordinating Committee

Invitation letter to the honoured guests of the Seventh International LCJE Conference in August 2003

Dear Colleagues in the precious Ministry of Jewish Evangelism
We at LCJE National Committee in Finland are so happy to host next summer’s event in Finland. Let me shortly introduce our country and also The Finnish Bible Institute in Kauniainen, the venue of the conference.

If you want to spend a week or more in the most beautiful country you could ever imagine, come to Finland! Our country is sandwiched between East and West. Yes, we have been part of both Sweden and Russia, but Finland declared itself independent on December 6th, 1917.

Finland is known as a country with 60,000 lakes. There are in fact 180,000 lakes! Finns who love nature and open waters have more than 1.5 million saunas! The Finnish Lakeland area is the destination when you long for the peace of the countryside. Summer cottages are available for rent (through the travel agencies).

When travelling to Finland one could choose Lapland, the land of the Midnight sun, where in the northern part of the province the sun remains permanently above the horizon for three whole months. Or if you want to stay in a modern international atmosphere then spend some days in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, known also as the Daughter of the Baltic. Would you like to travel in Finland, please contact The Finland Travel Bureau.

To continue to introduce our country I then of course have to mention Jean Sibelius, the best internationally known Finnish composer. His works include symphonies, chamber music, choral works for solo instruments. Finlandia and Tapiola are the best known of his works.

Some people say that we Finns are the most wireless, mobile, computerised and webbified nation in the world. And of course we have the world’s largest producer of mobile (cellular) phones, Nokia Corporation.

Now, when I have introduced you to our country and for sure convinced you to decide to come in August for LCJE’s Seventh International Conference, let me give you an introduction to the venue of the Conference, the Finnish Bible Institute:
The Finnish Bible Institute Foundation was founded by the famous evangelist, Rev. Urho Muroma (1890-1966), during the Second World War in 1940; activities started after the end of the War in 1945. Based on the Bible and the Lutheran confession, it operates in cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland as an independent organization. The Bible Institute has a staff of 60 persons Activities are as follows:

The Bible Institute, founded in 1945, partly state-supported folk high school since August 1989 and also a unit of Diaconia Polytechnic in Finland since August 1996, is located in Kauniainen (10 miles west of Helsinki, 20 minutes journey by train). Polytechnic training for youth workers. Young people's courses on the Bible and Christian life. An open Bible school for adults. Basic missionary training in cooperation with two missionary organisations. Several shorter courses and events, nearly every weekend. An exhibition of the land of the Bible.

Evangelism and teaching for adults and youth in cooperation with local congregations Work among Finns in Russia. The Finnish Bible Institute does not send missionaries but raises funds for foreign missions.

The main building was built in 1966, the dormitory in 1967 (65 beds) and the new dormitory in 1994 (84 beds).

Going back to the introduction of Finland. Last but not least. Let me remind you that Finland is situated so close to Russia that it takes less than nine hours (with the border procedures) to drive to St. Petersburg. For those interested in travelling to Russia, we have good full service Travel Agencies to serve you. For excursions to Russia, please contact Finnsov Tours.