Helsinki 7-12 August 2003

We are looking forward to this Seventh International Conference with great expectations. The theme of the conference is Jesus and His People, and this will be elucidated through interesting topics dealt with by competent speakers. We are also expecting a conference where the participants will take the opportunity to network with each other.

On the behalf of the Finnish LCJE committee, Pirkko Säilä writes about the conference – and not least about Finland – and perhaps someone will feel tempted to spend their holiday in Finland before or after the conference. Or incorporate a trip to St. Petersburg now that they are in that part of the world.

The travel agencies’ internet addresses are given in the program.

One of those who had an active part in forming LCJE in 1980 and who participated in most of the subsequent LCJE conferences is no longer among us. Dr. Louis Goldberg died in November. Victor Smadja and Michael Rydelnik commemorate him in their eulogies, but there is also a reprint of Louis Goldberg’s contribution at the Sixth International Conference in New York 1999. Here Dr. Goldberg spoke as an LCJE veteran and said about the international conferences he had taken part in that he had ”profited greatly from the opportunities for personal acquaintance with fellow workers today as well as obtaining invaluable information on how various organizations structure their ideology and carry on their ministries.”

Other participants have said the same thing at previous conferences. Despite all our differences we need each other in our shared task to reach as many Jewish people as possible with the gospel.

This issue of the Bulletin also has three contributions about anti-Semitism with reflections on how it influences Jewish evangelism. It is important for all of us who are involved in Jewish evangelism to watch anti-Semitism closely – and speak up against it in our respective contexts.

In LCJE we proclaim boldly that anti-Semitism is anti-biblical, but we say equally boldly that it is also anti-Semitism to fail to proclaim the gospel to Jewish people
The Helsinki conference will help us to maintain our commitment.

Kai Kjær-Hansen