Early LCJE photo2

This photo is of the first international meeting of LCJE, All Nations Christian College, Easneye, Ware (summer 1983)



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Video on Early History of LCJE - Bishop Ole Kvarme

Short video on early history of LCJE (Bishop Ole Kvarme) ... click here

Ole Kvarme - earlier years


Bob Mendelsohn's LCJE Photo Archive - 3,400 Photos

Bob Mendelsohn's Photo Archive of 3,400 LCJE-related photos are available here.

Bob has divided these photos up into the following categories: LCJE 2014 (228 photos); LCJE 2015 (1,090 photos, 7 videos); LCJE France 2009 (208 photos); CEO Conference - Basel, Switzerland, St. Chrischona (270 photos, 2 videos); LCJE Collaroy - Sydney 2012 (241 photos); LCJE Naamaroo - AustralAsia Conference 2016; LCJE High Leigh (725 photos); LCJE miscellany (174 photos, 1 video); LCJE 1995 (4 photos); LCJE Sydney 2009 (81 photos); LCJE Hungary 2007 (79 photos).