Early LCJE photo2

This photo is of the first post-Pattaya LCJE international conference, held at Newmarket, England (August 1983) - For numbering purposes, it is referred to as the "Second International Conference" of the LCJE. Some 52 delegates attended.



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Video on Early History of LCJE - Bishop Ole Kvarme

Short video on early history of LCJE (Bishop Ole Kvarme) ... click here

Ole Kvarme - earlier years

...Ole Kvarme

David Harley - former LCJE International Coordinator reminisces about the early days of LCJE

David Harley reminisces about the early history of LCJE (interviewed by Jim Melnick, with Mitch Glaser). The interview took place at the May 2017 CEO conference in Haslev, Denmark ... click here for recording (.m4a file)


Bob Mendelsohn's LCJE Photo Archive - 3,400 Photos

Bob Mendelsohn's Photo Archive of 3,400 LCJE-related photos are available here.

Bob has divided these photos up into the following categories: LCJE 2014 (228 photos); LCJE 2015 (1,090 photos, 7 videos); LCJE France 2009 (208 photos); CEO Conference - Basel, Switzerland, St. Chrischona (270 photos, 2 videos); LCJE Collaroy - Sydney 2012 (241 photos); LCJE Naamaroo - AustralAsia Conference 2016; LCJE High Leigh (725 photos); LCJE miscellany (174 photos, 1 video); LCJE 1995 (4 photos); LCJE Sydney 2009 (81 photos); LCJE Hungary 2007 (79 photos).