Cape Town, South Africa, October 16-25, 2010



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Jewish Evangelism in Cape Town 2010, By Kai Kjær-Hansen, International LCJE Coordinator

I am anxiously waiting to see how the question of Jewish evangelism will be treated – and not least what will be written in the official statement from the Lausanne Movement’s third world conference, on October 16–25 in Cape Town.

Jewish evangelism will hardly be an issue that takes up much space in the plenary at the conference in Cape Town. LCJE can live with that. It is pretty certain that we will have four so-called
“dialogue sessions,” where we invite other participants to dialogue about themes related to Jewish evangelism. The challenge is, of course, that we get interact with others and not just ourselves. The themes will be decided at the meeting which LCJE’s International Coordinating Committee is going to have the day after this conference.
If the statement from Cape Town touches on the political situation in the Middle East, Zionism included, I expect a balanced statement; if such a statement is issued, I do not expect all LCJE members to be content with it. This is also something we can live with, as there are differing views of these matters among us.
At any rate, I expect from Cape Town a clear and unambiguous affirmation of Jewish evangelism.
I cannot possibly imagine anything else.