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This webpage is dedicated to current and past LCJE CEO conferences and issues related to CEOs of LCJE member agencies/organizations involved in Jewish evangelism.

Upcoming: Fifth CEO Conference (8-12 May 2017)

Emmaus Conference Centre Emmaus Conference Centre - Haslev, Denmark (outside Copenhagen) -

We will be meeting in a beautiful setting outside of Copenhagen at the Emmaus Conference Centre. The conference will include a tour of Jewish historical sites in Copenhagen. For CEO registration information, please contact Jim Melnick at:

Fourth CEO Conference - St. Chrischona, Basel, Switzerland (27-31 May 2013)

test9St. Chrischona, near Basel, Switzerland - in the "Three Countries' Corner" where Switzerland, France and Germany meet. St. Chrischona has a rich legacy in Jewish evangelism connected especially to Jerusalem.

The 4th LCJE CEO Conference was held at St. Chrischona, Basel, 27-31 May 2013. The venue was the Pilgermission St. Chrischona, set in beautiful surroundings in what is called the "Three Countries' Corner" where Germany, France and Switzerland meet. It is home today to a theological seminary and also has a long and rich history with respect to Jewish evangelism, especially in Jerusalem. Participants included executives and leaders of organizations, congregations and churches who are involved in Jewish evangelism and ministry who are members of LCJE (individual or agency members), as well as their spouses.

There were 37 participants in this CEO Conference. Topics included: "The Social and Political Context of Jewish Mission," "Issues in Israel," "The Internet and Other Media," "Women in (Jewish) Ministry," "The Next Generation and LCJE," and "LCJE and the Future." Other topics covrered areas such as: communicating with donors, reactions to a recent reconciliation initiative, "What's in a Name?" - dealing with issues related to replacement theology and supersessionism, and the importance and relationship of academic work to Jewish evangelism.

test5 Fourth CEO Conference participants (May 2013)


Ruth the Moabite
Bodil Skjott

Herbby Geer

Equipping our staff
Rolf G. Heitmann

Women in (Jewish) ministry - within the Lutheran Church
Rolf G. Heitmann

Session 5 - Mission, money & communication: Our communication with Christian churches/communities - more than money
Alex Jacob

'What's in a name?': A response to H. Geer: Replacement theology and supersessionism - the use and misuse of the term
Alex Jacob

The Next Generation - Passing the Baton
Jim Melnick

The social and political context of Jewish missions in Australia
Bob Mendelsohn

British reactions: 'Christ at the Checkpoint' (CATC)
Daniel Nessim

The social and political context of Jewish mission in Europe
Vladimir Pikman

The social and political context of Jewish mission in North America
Rob Styler

The Next LCJE Generation
Tuvya Zaretsky


Lumières, Provence, France (18-22 May 2009)

Participants in the CEO conference sightseeing in and around Avignon

Here is the Conference Program for this conference.

CEO 2009
Final List of Participants

Guy Athia                                            
Elisangela (and daughter Li’el) Bernis
Jonathan Bernis                       
David Brickner            
Arlie Francis                                        
Noemi Francis                                     
Herbby Geer                           
Mitch Glaser
Zhava Glaser               
Gary Hedrick                          
Marcia Hedrick                                   
Bodil Heitmann            
Rolf G. Heitmann                     
Ann Hilsden     
Wayne Hilsden
Lawrence Hirsch                     
Louise Hirsch              
Knut Helge Hoyland                            
Kai Kjær-Hansen
Paul Liberman
Bob Mendelsohn                                 
Daniel Nessim             
Deborah Nessim                      
Annemarie Obrist                    
Hanspeter Obrist                     
Inna Pikman                       
Vladimir Pikman                                 
Jean-Paul Rempp                                
Hartmut Renz                       
Jim Sibley
Kathy Jim Sibley                      
Bodil F. Skjøtt         
Avi Snyder                                   
Rob Styler           
Sharon Styler            
Lori Taber                      
Wes Taber                       
Joshua Turnil                                               
David Zadok                     
Ellen Zaretsky
Tuvya Zaretsky     

The CEO Conference in France

The third LCJE CEO conference took place in Lumières,
Provence, France from 18-22 May, 2009. A little over 40
persons gathered to listen and to learn from each other
during sessions in the conference room and outside in
informal conversation. It all happened in a very good

The main topics for the presentations and the
discussions during the three full days were:
“What is at stake? Theology and missiology.”
“Money, recruitment, and training.”
“Means and material for Jewish evangelism.”
Gary Hedrick of the Christian Jew Foundation Ministries
conducted the three Bible studies on themes from 1
Timothy. The decision to have the conference was made in
Lake Balaton in 2007, in connection with the 8th
International LCJE conference.

During the opening session, LCJE's president, Tuvya
Zaretsky, reminded the participants of why we had
gathered: “We are here because you, as mission leaders, asked
your ICC to arrange this consultation. We are here to
serve the Lord's plan for Jewish evangelism. We are
here to seek and acquire the Lord's knowledge for the
purposes of Jewish evangelism. We are here to serve
the cause of Jewish evangelism together. And we are
here to share with one another, study together, stimulate
one another, and strategize on a global scope how we
can contribute together to further the mission of Jewish
evangelism. Let us put the fear of the Lord at the heart of
everything that we are here to do. And let us use this
time to encourage one another to the end that Jewish
people will be saved.”

In this issue of the LCJE Bulletin, we bring some of the
approximately 30 papers and contributions given during
the conference. Most of these can also be found at
LCJE's website (

In July, LCJE AustalAsia held a very successful
conference in Sydney, Australia. In the next issue of the
Bulletin we will have more on that event.

Kai Kjær-Hansen

Click here to link to the Papers.


Second CEO Conference: Abbaye de La Busière, Dijon, France (May 2005)

Click on Papers to see a compliation of several articles (as a PDF form) in LCJE Bulletin #81 that were based on Second CEO conference presentations. These include:

- "Second LCJE CEO Conference in France 2005" (Steve Engstrom)

- "Staff Development: Why Can't We Have the Staff We Want?" (David Brickner)

- "Case Study: Utilizing the Local Church for Jewish Evangelism" (Murray Tilles)