Around 180 participants from all over the world met for a time of learning and discussion, a time of worship and networking around the theme of Jewish evangelism – always and everywhere.


After eight international conferences in such places as Pattaya (1980), Newmarket (1983), Easneye (1986), Zeist (1991), Jerusalem (1995), New York (1999), Helsinki (2003), Lake Balaton (2007), the Ninth International LCJE is scheduled to take place in England August 7-12, 2011.

Around 180 people signed up for the Ninth international LCJE Conference. This is the largest number of participants in the history of LCJE which goes back to 1980 to the LCWE consultation in Pattaya. The first international LCJE conference was also held in England, in Easnye in 1983. .....more

Contact : Kai Kjær-Hansen



Conference Statement

Press release

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About three quarters of the 180 participants in the conference gathered
outside the High Leigh building to have their picture taken.

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LCJE Conference
While this is being written there are fewer than 90 days to the
opening of the Ninth International LCJE Conference at High
Leigh Conference Centre, Sunday August 7. The last few weeks
have been filled with hectic mail activity to get the last registrations
and papers in the bag.

High Leigh on LCJE’s Homepage

It is our plan to have all conference papers posted on www.lcje.
net already from the beginning of the conference, August 7, so
that LCJE members who cannot themselves participate can keep
up to date.

Arrival, dinner and opening session
Check-in at High Leigh Conference Centre begins on Sunday,
August 7, at 3 pm. Dinner at 6 pm and opening session at 8 pm.
How to get to High Leigh Conference Centre
The High Leigh Conference Centre is situated in the town of
Hoddesdon. The local railway station is Broxbourne. Further
information is available at
The Broxbourne Station is two miles from the Centre, but
there are plenty of taxis at reasonable rates.

The High Leigh Games
On Wednesday, August 10, there is no afternoon program. The
time off can be spent on sightseeing in Hoddesdon – or networking.
Or you can participate in ”The High Leigh Games”. A
number of sports activities are arranged. All can take part – irrespective
of physical fitness and weight! Remember this when
you pack your suitcase (sports footwear and clothes).

Late registration

When this is read, it may still be possible to register for the conference.
Enquiries should be made to me at
Whether or not you participate: let us all pray for a blessed conference
for the sake of the salvation of the Jews.

Kai Kjær-Hansen


Travel information